Challange Bot

How does it work?

The bot is very easy to use.
The requirements is that your game has to run in 1080p, if you do not have a 1080p monitor you can use Nvidia’s Dynamic Super Reslution (DSR).
If you have fulfilled all the requirements then you just have to start the bot.
Make sure that you are in the Fortnite Lobby and have selected Solo.

How to use DSR

First open up NVIDIA control panel and enable “DSR-Factors”, Choose a DSR setting of your chioce. Next open up GeForce Experience and, select the game you want to enable DSR on, and click the wrench icon. Select the available DSR resolution and click apply. GeForce Experience will now show the current resolution as a DSR resolution. Next confirm the rsolution in game.

How fast is the bot and can I get banned?

The speed of the depends on many different factors, since the bot can sometimes create a challange after the first time and sometimes he hunts many attempts.

Now to the question “Can I be banned for this?”, In short no you can not, because the bot does nothing else but randomly walk around, it does not bother other players and it does not access any files from the game.

What if the bot isn't working?

Make sure you have your game in English and the resolution is 1080p, do not forget to select the game mode and the movement

If the bot still does not work, try restarting your game or your computer, if the bot still does not work you can try reinstalling it.

How to install the Challange Bot

  • download the installer
  • open the installer
  • wait until the installer downloaded the necessary files (downlaod can take a while due to slow servers)
  • start ChallangeBot.exe